Among the great redwoods there are giants of another kind. People who stand above the rest in preserving the remnants of our beautiful and unique environment. Conservation of endangered lands and animals is a task that grows with each passing year. The desire for land and lumber threatens to overwhelm the capacity of our forests, and if not for the power of the individual may have already been lost in time.

Lynwood Carranco, Rudolf W. Becking, Merle Shuster, and Susie Van Kirk have all gone above and beyond in understanding, protecting, and preserving what has become Redwood National Park. These diverse stewards of the land served to fulfill the diverse needs of the Redwoods and the communities that depend on them.

The Redwood National and State Parks are devoted to conservation of natural resources in the northwestern United States. The parks promote exploration of and education about the Redwoods as a fundamental asset worthy of being protected for the future. Those who helped create this protected area gave coming generations a chance to experience the natural wonders of the Redwoods for themselves. Maintaining and furthering these conservation goals is now up to those willing to answer the call to action and follow in the footsteps of giants.